Dream about your home, let us make it come true!

IMOARQ LDA is a recent real estate developer, established in 2021 and based in Braga, Portugal.

The company is dedicated to providing exceptional service standards, discretion, transparency, and professional ethics. Operating throughout the national territory, IMOARQ LDA ensures top-notch service to its customers.

IMOARQ LDA was founded upon the vast experience, tradition, and technological innovation of its team. The company operates with the highest standards of ethics, discretion, integrity, and professionalism, contributing to the recognition and sustainable growth of the brand and the satisfaction of our customers. We strive to find and promote real estate solutions that have unique and distinctive characteristics.

We create value

As a recent company, IMOARQ LDA looks to the future with an innovative vision in which each project tells a unique story.

Its main goal is to consolidate Portugal’s presence in the real estate development industry, utilizing a vast network of partners for the construction of its properties. Each development offers a transformative experience with a personal touch, aiming to inspire a new way of living and providing solutions tailored to the expectations of its clients.

Our performance in the real estate market of buying, selling, and building quality products in Portugal is strengthened by our global network of contacts and the most advanced tools for international property projection, ensuring that our clients receive unique and high-quality projects.

This unique combination will establish IMOARQ LDA as a leader in the industry, recognized for its excellent service and construction that offers an exclusive and reliable service.

In line with the traditions of its founders and the principles by which they govern, IMOARQ LDA seamlessly blends the unique, the beautiful, and the exclusive, making us the natural choice for those seeking to buy or sell distinct properties.